Monday, January 20, 2014

The Mission of Project Tangi

The Problem:

How do I know that Erkki Tauya Junior Secondary School needs a new library? If my first hand experience teaching at the school (see pictures above) isn't enough evidence just read the staff perspectives on the issue. 

The Solution:

Considering that there is a demonstrated need for new classroom units and learning spaces at Erkki Tauya Junior Secondary School, Project Tangi aims to build an entire new library for students and staff to use for formal and informal learning. Through running the 2014 Boston Marathon I will raise funds to give to Erkki Tauya School so that they will have resources to build their own brand new library. 

The Justification:

Currently the school does have a small room that is being used for library purposes but the room is decrepit, falling apart and is not suitable for students to use for any actual learning. When I asked Velemina Angula, a teacher at the school with whom I am still in close communication, what would have the greatest impact on her teaching ability at the school she quickly answered that a library would provide an extraordinary opportunity for students at Erkki Tauya Junior Secondary School to enhance their learning and for staff to enhance their teaching. 

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